Thursday, November 27, 2008

Felicitas Mukoka is very ambitious. When she first came to Zambuko Trust in her native Zimbabwe, she had only one business -- selling used clothes. She wanted to borrow money to further her business, but no one would give her a loan. Then she heard about Zambuko Trust.

With her first loan of $1,000Z ($57 US) from the Trust Bank she launched another business selling kindling and fuel oil that offered modern apprenticeships to others.

She quickly paid off that loan and received her second loan of $4,000Z ($228 U.S). Combining the loan with profits from selling fuel, Felicitas opened a tuck shop and added a room to her house, which she rents out to get additional income. She also knits baby outfits, crochets doilies, and tends a vegetable garden. All of these activities also provide income.

"You can see how the loans have changed my life," she says. "No more do I have to borrow from my neighbors. I used to cry about how to feed my family. I was angry with my husband. But now that's a thing of the past. If people could develop wings because of joy, I would be flying right now."

Felicitas hopes to provide an education for her oldest daughter (one of four children). "I want her to have a better chance," she says. "Life is too hard here."

Felicitas is very proud of all she has done and her dreams continue. "I want to buy a truck so I can go into the market and buy vegetables and maize in bulk to sell in my shop."